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Henry Miller has several outreach Ministries we are involved with. The main goal of our Ministry is to reach the lost for Christ and present Christ to everyone.


Prison Ministry One of the Ministries is the Prison Ministry, we go into several prisons on a regular basis to help inmates in different areas to share the Gospel as well as to help grow their relationship with the Lord. We provide materials, books and CDS to encourage them. I also set on the board of Second Touch Ministries which holds many classes for inmates to grow in Grace.

Philippines We also have Mission Ministries in the Philippines, Dominican Republic and Mexico. We've been working with Pastor Alex Montanano in Cagayan de oro City for several years and believe in supporting his work . He works in the Slums and City Dumps with the poverty stricken children and their families. He also plants Churches in remote areas of the Philippines.

Dominican Republic We work with Francis and Rebecca Concepition on a mountain called Hoa and in Levaga. We have joined with them to build a new Church on the mountain. We will be the only Christian Church on the whole mountain. They have plans to reach the youth as well as their families.

Radio We also have a Radio Ministry. We are on Internet Radio every Sat at 1:30 pm. Our desire is to reach as many souls as we can for the Lord Jesus Christ